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The Bagnell Dam Strip Association (BDSA) of Lake Ozark, Missouri, formed in the 1980s to foster economic prosperity and community involvement for businesses along Bagnell Dam Boulevard. The not-for-profit betterment organization’s mission continues with the work and support of volunteers, businesses, schools, citizens, civic leaders and organizations combining efforts.

The Strip, adjacent to Bagnell Dam, experienced many eras since it opened in 1931, transforming the rural region into a lively destination for tourists and locals. BDSA enhances the Lake’s community life with parades, festivals, gatherings, information and assistance. Its mission is humanitarian in the nature of its goal of a thriving business district attractive to all; gathering the past, present and future into an ongoing story of an Ozark treasure. The Bagnell Dam’s city, Lake Ozark; where the Lake begins.

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“What compels me to Lake Ozark is its pedestrian nature. People cruise the Strip on foot or in vehicles and all that humanity moving together in the music, sights and sounds creates its own energy. Vacation vibes abound year round. Having spent many summer occasions on the Strip as a street artist from face painting to poetry to card reading, the writer in me finds treasures in people’s stories. The Bagnell Dam Strip is rich with stories both past and present making memories this season for somebody’s future. The Strip has always been a backdrop to life adventures unfolding, along the shoreline of the beautiful landscape that is Lake of the Ozarks.”


Loretta Srch
Bagnell Dam Strip Association’s Artist-in-Residence


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